Embracing Nature's Balance
Have your home cleaned in no time!
We are a bonded residential cleaning company located in the Phoenix east valley area that promotes individual and community health by using non- toxic all natural products. We pride ourselves in helping the client achieve a healthier space for their families. Being eco-friendly is more than a job or a marketing technique for this company, it is a lifestyle. These products that clean AND disinfect your home promote the true meaning behind eco- friendly, non-harming to the world around us. From the supplies, to the products, to the process of running this business, we take extra measures to make sure we take care of our communities’ health.

Our purpose is to exceed clients’ expectations by; connecting with them on a personable, honorable and transparent level, communicating well with clients and employees of desired goals and needs and promoting the individual and communities’ health by sharing knowledge on the all-natural approach our company takes.
General Clean
Deep Clean
Move In/Out
General clean from high to low for clients wishing for weekly, bi weekly or monthly cleaning services.
Additional services for cleints wishing for much deeper cleaning with baseboards, doors, grout, etc.
For clients unsure of regular services, looking for a one time clean from high to low. 
Detailed cleaning from high to low for clients moving into our out of a home.

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