Located in Phoenix East Valley

Embracing Nature's Balance

We are a healthier lifestyle company located in the Phoenix east valley area that promotes individual and community health by using non- toxic all natural products. We pride ourselves in helping the client achieve a healthier space for their families. Being eco-friendly is more than a job or a marketing technique for this company, it is a lifestyle. . From the supplies, to the products, to the process of running this business, we take extra measures to make sure we take care of our communities’ health.

Our purpose is to exceed clients’ expectations by; connecting with them on a personable, honorable and transparent level, communicating well with clients and employees of desired goals and needs and promoting the individual and communities’ health by sharing knowledge on the all-natural approach our company takes.

Organization Coach $15/Hour 

We will help you de-clutter, organize and straighten up home by starting out with a one hour consultation of your goals, followed by executing declutter and organizing in an orderly effective manner together with client. Tips and ideas are offered on how things can go based on clients usage. Client must be present for successful execustion. Client will also receive cost effective ways, according to the clients budget, of ideas/plans for maintaining the organization we accomplished. 

Cleanse your Home $20-$100 

Cleansing your home of energies/entities can give you a new sense of freshness, this pairs perfectly after a cleaning. Chelsie will begin with setting an intention, either the client offers her one or uses her own such as; releasing energy that may not serve this family with the best intentions, bringing love and light to the family that lives here and anyone who enters home. She will burn sage (catching the ashes) increasing the energy flow and purifying the cleanse process. Note: this process is a general sense of what cleansing a home looks like, each home and client is different. Most homes need more than just one-time cleanse, up to client. Good times to do a cleansing; moving in or moving out of a home, during/after a disagreement with loved ones, after/before a party, during/after someone is going through a negative time in their lives; de-motion, sickness, loss, etc. among many others.




Telephone: (480) 316-1448